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Let's talk about several things to do before the beginning of your flight:


Major factor leading to your success is your personal will and greed. Probably the most important part of this event is the decision to begin this course. As a physical ability, if you can drive a car, you may probably be able to fly an aeroplane. Flying requires mostly the same coordination as driving. As an average, 9 out of 10 person who are willing to learn flying have the necessary capability. You will not have any problems if you are willing to fly. In this case if you believe that you have the enough will and greed, the next step is to apply to Burak Aviation for your orientation flight.


In order to fly, you are required to obtain a medical report that you may get after several examinations. You may apply to hospitals which have been given the authority by Turkish Civil Aviation Organization. After the examinations, you may begin flying with your medical committee report issued according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex-1. You are required to renew your medical certificate on certain periods according to regulations.


You will be briefed about the systems, technical specifications, performance issues and flight controls of the aircraft as well as basic physics that allows an aircraft to fly by your instructors at Burak Aviation, before starting to fly.

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