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"Cleared for take-off…!"

These words will indicate the beginning of one of the most exciting moments of your life. After completing ground lessons, you will learn;

- Taxiing,
- Take off and land,
- Cross-country flying,
- Use of radio,
- Turn, climb, descent and flight maneuvers.

Although it seems that there are many things to be learned, your courses will use best techniques for the education and it will not take long time as you may guess. After certain flight hours with your flight instructor, you will be flying your first solo flight and after your written exam and check flight following the completion of the course, you will get your "Private Pilot Licence".

Is that all?

Yes for the new beginners. Of course there are next steps to be followed. First of all is instrument rating. In order to get instrument rating you have to complete 55 hours of instrument flight in addition to a Private Pilot Licence of 125 hours of flight. After that you may think of getting a "Commercial Pilot Licence". This is required to be an Agricultural Pilot, Charter Pilot or a Flight Instructor. The ultimate point is toget an "Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)".

Your Private Pilot Licence is your passport tothe world of aviation. You will never forget the day that you made your first solo flight.

It is time to get your feet off the ground...

2006 Burak Aviation Sports Club